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Post Production Reel

 Graphics Reel

Narrative, Documentary, and Animation; Media Composer, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Live Action SFX, Live Animation SFX, 2D/3D Animation, and Text Graphics

 Storyboard Animation Example

Midsummer Night's Dream Includes:
After Effects, color grading, text graphics, full sound design, collaborative art 

 Audio Soundscapes:

Panorama of a Beach and Cliff House includes: 
Complete sound design for silent film, compiling and stereo panning

Lauren Benton - Action Soundscape

Learn About Lauren

The Editor's Purpose

As an editor, it is my job to bring sight and sound together
in order to tell a cohesive story.

Through skill, care, and vision,
I will translate the raw ideas and passions of any production into content
all audiences can enjoy.

 More of My Work:

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